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You've reached the Waste Reduction & Management action pledge! Before we proceed to commit to an action, let's go over some interesting facts that highlight why this topic is an important one in tackling climate change. 

In Metro Vancouver, we generate approximately 1 million tonnes of garbage, including unsorted organic waste, per year? That's about a million rhinoceros' worth!


The most significant greenhouse gas (GHG) produced by organic waste in landfills is methane (CH4) which is about 20 times more harmful as a GHG than carbon dioxide (CO2)!

If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest GHG producer in the world after the United States and China!

So, we can see why our waste generation is a major issue that affects climate. You can take action to change this reality, and that's why we are here! Below you will find the action pledge form where you will be able to commit to one or more individual actions. If you wish to do so, you may also select a larger school action that you wish to champion. Listed below are the actions you can take. Click on an action to learn more about it; once you've found the one you'd like to commit to be sure to select it in the form below. 


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