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Thanks for taking the time to know more about Climate Action Champions! Your child has the opportunity to engage with this resource and become inspired in taking action to secure our planet for future generations by reducing our ecological footprint. In this section, you will find information pertaining to who Be The Change Earth Alliance is, what the Climate Action Champions program is, what this portal does, and what are the requirements of participation in this program.

ABOUT btcea

BTCEA is a Canadian charitable organization that empowers behavioural and systemic change toward global sustainability through education. Founded in 2008, we support environmental, social and personal behavior changes in community, the workplace and in schools through innovative sustainability education and citizen engagement programs. We empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities. 


Now that you know a little about who we are as an organization, we welcome you to further explore this program and this portal through the details below. Remember, if you have any questions, you can always click the little spiral logo on the bottom right corner of your screen, even if we are offline.

ABOUT the program + this portal

Youth are important sustainability actors and when they have knowledge of climate change and what is at stake, they are capable of initiating grassroots change in their homes, schools, and communities. Be The Change Earth Alliance’s Climate Action Champions program delivers action education that restores students’ hope for the future and supports them in planning and taking grassroots climate actions around food, waste, land, and energy.
This Climate Action Portal has been developed by BTCEA to allow students to record and track their climate actions, learn about core concepts, and share their successes/stories with a broader community taking action to mitigate the effects of climate change and adapt to changing ecosystems. We welcome you to engage with some of our core action areas and learn about climate actions that you can take to reduce your household's ecological footprint.
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