Our Fellows are the young change makers who represent Be The Change in schools and student bodies around Vancouver. Through their passion and commitment to generating positive change for our planet they act as positive peer influences and inspire others to join in the battle against climate change. By providing multiple tools and resources such as Climate Action Training Tools, Presenter and Workshop Training, Be The Change Earth Alliance helps Student leaders to inspire, engage and bring meaningful change to their schools. Successful fellows are those that organize and participate in various environmental projects in their schools, districts and communities to rally other students to take climate actions. Fellows are given multiple opportunities to network and collaborate across Metro Vancouver with multiple awareness raising projects during our Climate Action Week.
Every year, we take on over 25 students for the fellowship program. Below are the fellows that completed the Fellowship Program. Click on their pictures below to learn their inspiring stories and projects!

2017/18 FELLOWS

Abhay Sachal

Rebecca Hamilton

Abeera Irfan

Abnash Kaur Bassi

Jason Pang

Kisa Naqvi

Katie Cooper-Gray


2018/19 FELLOWS

Sasha Mines

Saloni Sharma

Emmalee Barrett

Mahum Chaudhry

Amanjot Dhaliwal

Jessica Daveshar

Cameryn Chong

Julie Ou

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