Becoming a

Climate Action School

Climate Action Champions (CAChI) is a regional initiative that will engage 20,000 students from across the Lower Mainland, informing them of the complex and difficult challenges created by cliamte change and environmental degradation, and activate their passion for meaningful and informed action.

Climate Action Middle and High Schools can receive a combination of the following educational programming and resources that support empowering students in taking individual, home, school, and community climate actions that have a measurable impact on climate change, especially when sustained over time.

Climate Action Fellowship

This program provides leadership opportunities for youth in Climate Action Schools and Districts. Some Fellows will co-lead assemblies, workshops, and projects. Please contact us to learn more.

Assembly Presentations

These presentations will empower student agency and reinforce their ability to make a difference by taking climate action. BTCEA, in collaboration with Fellows, will offer 20 sssemblies to schools in the Lower Mainland.


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In-Class Curriculum or Workshops

These workshops engage students' creative and critical thinking on climate change and action, could be delivered by Climate Fellows, Let's Talk Science UBC students, or BTCEA/SLS teachers.


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Climate Action Week

Art Contest

This contest is promoted throughout the district and awards student artists with prizes (including having artwork displayed on stickers or shirts).

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Students at Climate Action Schools will commit to taking small and large climate actions, and invite other peers and community to join. This cross-district initiative aims to create a buzz and culminate in actions in school communities.

You will be able to use the Climate Action Portal which is an online tool that fosters students' interest in taking action and tracks actions taken! Can be used for educational purposes, as well as pledging and tacking completed actions.


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How to become a Climate Action School

You can choose to support this initiative in one or more of the following ways that work best for you.

method 1

Book a Workshop, Assembly, or Climate Action Week

method 2

Support Climate Action School Activities

  • Help us arrange an assembly in your school for the month of April 2018.

  • Arrange or teach climate change classes/workshops that empower students to take action (with BTCEA's support).

  • Support students and the community in taking individual and larger actions before and during Climate Action Week, using the Climate Action Portal.

You can learn more about this by clicking here.

method 3

Create a Climate Action Leadership Team

This team will be comprised of:

  • 1 school administrator who supports the booking of the assembly and larger Climate Action projects, and who informs BTCEA of relevant teacher and student engagement opportunities.

  • 1-3 teachers who deliver climate change curriculum in their classroom or receive workshops delivered by project facilitators or Fellows, and support students in taking on projects at their school through an environment or social justice club.

  • 1-3 student leaders who support action and school projects, and who apply to be a Fellow to receive additional mentorship and support.


I was constantly encouraged by the way the BTCEA staff worked with students to achieve lofty environmental impact goals and how insightful their feedback was. BTCEA was cognizant of the challenges and limitations of the district yet encouraged us to find new and creative ways to support student leadership in sustainability. BTCEA’s resources, leadership, and support significantly improved the overall impact of the districts waste reduction initiative, leading to more students engaged and less food scraps in the landfill. 

-Ron Hall, Director of Instruction,

Burnaby School District 

I have had the pleasure of working with Be the Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) over the past five years in multiple capacities. As a student in secondary school, I used their curriculum in some of my classes and had their support in local school action by participating in their Waste Watcher’s (waste audit) program. As someone who works in the field of youth engagement and supports local student sustainability leaders, I recognize the importance of the programs and services that BTCEA offers in our school communities. 

-Aaron Leung

Metro Vancouver Youth4Action, CityHub Initiative

As a teacher member of the Delta School District Green Team and the teacher sponsor of the Delta Youth Sustainability Network, I have had the ongoing privilege of working with Be The Change Earth Alliance. As an increasingly active stakeholder in our school district, BTCEA was eager to support student leadership in sustainability and worked with myself in establishing a Delta Youth Sustainability Network. They not only helped build the capacity of the youth to take on ambitious climate action projects, but also of myself, an experienced educator.

-Michael Iachetta, Social Studies Teacher,

Delta District Green Team Member