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What is the Climate Fellowship?


What is the "Climate Fellowship" and "Climate Leadership Training"?

Through Be the Change’s Citizens of the Future (CotF) initiative, we support and empower youth across the Lower Mainland to take environmental action (actions that tackle environmental issues such as climate change).

One component of this initiative is a Climate Fellowship for youth that are engaged in sustainability and looking for opportunities to increase their leadership skills and bring projects that address climate change to their school.  The Climate Leadership Training is part of this larger Fellowship that will include a full-day training session, handbook, mentor matching, and on-going support for students as they bring a “Climate Action Project” to their school.  You can meet some of 2018’s All-Star Fellows here.

Who is be the change earth alliance?

Be the Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Vancouver-based, charitable organization with the mission to empower individual and collective change for a resilient, just, connected, and sustainable world. We create new and innovative spaces for holistic learning about sustainability in the education system through:

  • developing and delivering school programs and resources for educators, learners, and partners

  • fostering a community of leaders by providing tools to support capacity building and change


What we're looking for


We are looking to invite keen students who meet the criteria below to our Climate Leadership Training: 

  • Have a passion for sustainability and dedication to bringing a Climate Action Project to their school (example projects include school gardens, art installations, waste bin assessments, bike to school day, light bulb or electronic waste drive, etc.)

  • Be willing to lead others in taking Climate Action

  • Be in the position to bring Climate Action to their school (e.g. involvement in a club or council such as a green team, indigenous club, or student council).

  • Be backed by a teacher sponsor or vice principal

    • Option A: student is nominated by a teacher or VP, then is asked to apply online

    • Option B: student applies online with name of teacher sponsor, teacher is contacted for verification of sponsorship

  • Be in grades 9-11 during the 2018/2019 school year, with a possible allowance for exceptional and committed grade 8 or 12 students

  • Join us for Climate Leadership Training on October 12th.

If you'd like to give your students a handout with more information on the Climate Fellowship, download it here.

Student handout (pdf)


What's in it for your school?

  • Beyond having 1-3 students receiving leadership training and project support for Climate Action Projects, any schools with a “Climate Fellow” student will also have the opportunity to book a FREE Climate Action Assembly for their entire school in the 2018-19 year!

  • Climate Action Assembly: BTCEA staff will present this interactive, multi-media presentation which will focus on informing students about broader climate change issues and empowering them to take action around local and global solutions. This assembly is meant for groups larger than 125 students (up to full school participation) and great for any schools wanting more youth engagement around green initiatives.

  • BTCEA will provide a limited number of assemblies to schools that have Climate Fellows, so be sure to nominate your students by mid-September and send an assembly request to admin@bethechangeearthalliance.org.  All assemblies are to be delivered in between October 2017 and April 2018.

Be the Change offers a wide variety of services and programs for students and teachers including curriculum support resources, professional development, workshops, and assemblies. For more information, check out www.bethechangeearthalliance.org or email us directly at admin@bethechangeearthalliance.org.