Workshop/Assembly Resources

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Workshop Resources


Climate Action Careers Package

This package contains further information from the Climate Citizens Workshop on career paths that contribute to creating a just and sustainable world, in an assortment of different fields. Within this package, students with a diverse array of interests can find possible career paths that align with their interests and values. 

Careers Exploration handout

The Careers Exploration Handout should be given to students before the Climate Citizens Workshop - Careers Focus. This handout prompts students to explore their skill sets & passions, and the possible career paths their interests and passions align with. 

Environmental Actions poster

This actions poster was developed and designed by BTCEA to inspire students and community members to take simple everyday actions that reduces their carbon footprint. Within it there are five different themes you can take action in: Land & Water, Waste, Food, Transportation, and Energy. Each action has an associated greenhhouse gas emission reduction value in the upper left corner.

Assembly Resources


The Science Behind Climate Change

The Science Behind Climate Change is a document developed by BTCEA to provide students and teachers with a simple scientific explanation behind climate change. This document provides good context for some of the topics discussed in BTCEA's Environmental Action Assembly. 

Environmental Action Assembly- key words 

This document contains key words and expressions that are used throughout the assembly, as well as questions that BTCEA will ask students for teachers & students to be aware of before BTCEA presents the Environmental Action Assembly.