Energy usage + reduction

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You've reached the Energy action pledge! Before we proceed to commit to an action, let's go over some interesting facts that highlight why this topic is an important one in tackling climate change. 

One hour of sunlight can meet the world's energy demands for a whole year! Wind power can supply forty times the current global electricity consumption.

In 2015, the per capita Canadian consumption of energy stood at 88,388 kWh. We remain one of the world's heaviest consumers of fossil fuels, not just to power our daily lives but our massive economy and its industries.



As of 2017, China builds two wind turbines every hour! This has led to round-the-clock energy generation. A modern wind turbine can generate up to 6 megawatts of power, that's enough for 6000 homes.



So, we can see why our energy usage is a major issue that affects climate. You can take action to change this reality, and that's why we are here! Below you will find the action pledge form where you will be able to commit to one or more individual actions. 

Make sure to select the individual actions, and consider the challenge options to go the extra mile.


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