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What is the Youth Climate Ambassador

The Youth Climate Ambassadors Project (YCAP) empowers high school students to take meaningful climate action.  In these hour-long workshops, facilitators (UBC students) engage participants (high school students) in the climate action movement through a narrative of hope and agency. The goal is to introduce participants to different perspectives when thinking about climate change, climate justice, and to drive home the power of personal narratives in the fight for climate action. 

Workshop Content

Each workshop lasts roughly one hour and covers the following:

  • An open discussion on students ideas and emotions on climate change, with an emphasis on listening and validating

  • An introduction to the concept of climate justice

  • Personal stories from the facilitators on their climate journey

  • Stories of other teens locally and internationally  stepping up on climate

  • Guiding students to create their own compelling “climate stories” and associated calls to action

  • Provide students with hope and agency through compelling, powerful, and inspiring stories.

  • Affirm student experiences and feelings about climate change.

  • Help students understand climate change as a social justice issue, not just an environmental crisis.

  • Give students tools and frameworks to be more effective climate activists and communicators.

  • Activate students’ imaginations for effective strategies to encourage others to support climate solutions, policies, and action.

What is the UBC Climate Hub?

The UBC Climate Hub is a new, student-driven initiative that believes in the power of youth, hope, community, and storytelling for inspiring action to address the looming global threat of climate change.

Its mission: to connect and empower university and community stakeholders to take bold climate action for a just future.


Founded in 2005, Be The Change Earth Alliance is a Vancouver-based charitable organization that empowers change for a resilient, just, connected, and sustainable world. Be the Change has grown from a facilitator of small, community-based sustainability workshops into a creator of eco-social education, with its curriculum now being used by teachers province-wide. 

Its mission: to empower an environmentally sustainable, personally fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet.

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Community Challenges

Check out other community challenges connected to Be the Change that encourage community members to lower their carbon footprint through easy, everyday actions!